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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Various Planet Antares Vending Machine Models

Even though vending machines have gain huge popularity in the recent past, it is one of the oldest business models. Initially these machines were used to dispense few selective products. But with technology advancement, changing customer needs and lifestyles, these machines started dispensing almost all kinds of products. As a result several hundreds of vending machine models have been introduced in to the market.

Vending machines available in the market can be broadly classified into mechanical vending machines, electrical vending machine, combination vending machine and small or large vending machines.

Mechanical vending machines do not use electricity for functioning and do not have any automated features. However, there are several benefits associated with this business such as easy to locate, completely coin generated income, ease during transportation, easy refilling and repairs and most importantly low power consumption. However, there are few disadvantages with these machines. These machines are prone to frequent breakdowns and thus have lower earning potentiality.

Electrical vending machines are another category of machines that offer respite from all these problems and thus allow operators to earn more money. Combination vending machines are the third kind of machines that are capable of dispensing more than one product at a time. These machines are easy to operate, attractive, have higher capacity and provide higher revenue per vend.

Small or large vending machines are the fourth category of machines. These are the best choice for new or upcoming entrepreneurs. The reason being their compact size, ease of operation, easy to repair and refill features. Large vending machines on the other hand have greater profit making capacity and are preferred choice of business owners as they offer variety of products.

Hence it is always advisable that the operator analyzes his business objectives and choose the best model suitable for his kind of products to be offered.

Planet Antares offers state of the art vending machines exclusively designed for perfection.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things You Should Know Before Starting Planet Antares Vending Business

Why is it that even though several people start their own vending business, very few turn out to become successful? The main drawback is that most people lack clear cut idea on what needs to be done before starting their own vending business. This article aims at imparting things that need to be borne in mind before starting your own vending business.

Thorough market research: To begin with, irrespective of the kind of business you take up, it is mandatory that you conduct a through market research. You need to find out answers for questions like Why do you want to take up this business? What is your budget? How do you plan to achieve your goals? Starting a business on your own is not as simple as it may sound to be. In fact to become successful in this venture, a lot of planning, hard work and strategic implementation is required.

Guidance: Start interacting with people who are similar line of business. Their experience and knowledge would help you in understanding market scenario and also about competition and competitors strategies.

Online research: Vending is one of the very few business models that gives you complete freedom when it comes to purchasing of vending machine or products that you would like to dispense in the machine. Operators need to make use of this situation very carefully. Before making any decision related to vending business, make sure you browse the net, gather information, analyse options and finally make a decision. In your quest for purchasing new vending machines you may come across fraudsters, this research would help you acquire genuine products and machine at most reasonable prices. Planet Antares has been around for decades and is trusted by almost everyone for its robust machines and a great business model.

Advertising and marketing: By this time we all know that competition is very severe in vending industry and if you are looking at sustaining this competition, you may need to resort to latest technology or advertising and marketing strategies. These are time tested methods that have been quite successful in drawing more number of customers towards your business.

These simple aspects if borne in mind can give you success in your business venture.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Identify the Right Vending Company – Planet Antares Tips

Not only vending machines but companies offering vending machines are also available in all shapes and sizes. In such a situation how can you identify a right vending machine company? This article is an attempt to answer this question.

Does the company meet your requirements: The items offered by this company meet your requirements? If yes then you can go ahead. But one thing which new vending operators need to bear in their mind is that not everyone is keen in working with you. So you may even have to pay them something in return in order to do business with you.

How much do you need to pay them: 50/50 is the most commonly agreed upon amount? Anything beyond this is paid only in exceptional circumstances. Most vending companies provide games for free in exchange to the profit percentage paid to them.

The crazy for vending machine business is only increasing with changing times. In order to make use of this prevailing situation, several companies are coming up. Of these few companies are only trying to misguide you with their false and exaggerated commitments. This is when operators need to be very cautions. Vending is purely a customer related business and the peculiarity of this business is that there is hardy any interaction between the buyer and the seller. Since Vending machines do all the sales operators need to be very choosy while purchasing them?

No business guarantees success or high returns without any efforts and vending is no exception to this fact. Although anyone can start this business, only those who have understood the ins and outs of this business can survive this competition and create a unique position for themselves in this market.

All this clearly indicates that a lot of planning, hard work and strategies are required to become successful. It is advised to consult Planet Antares staff to know the latest into the vending business.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Factors to Be Considered Before Purchasing Vending Machines – Planet Antares Tips

The kind of machine you purchase is definitely going to influence the success of your business. With increase in number of vending users, a wide variety of machines capable of dispensing different products are introduced in to the market. The choice of vending machine is no doubt influenced by several factors like financial ability of operator, kind of product he would like to sell using this machine, his target audience and the location in which he would install his machine.

Besides these operator also needs to consider few aspects while purchasing a Planet Antares vending machine. These are:

• Vending machines come in various sizes like Compact vending machine, full line vending machine and counter top machine. The location you choose influences the size of the machine you need to purchase. A small machine can be easily placed any where as it occupies less floor space whereas this is not the same with larger machines. However, each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks.

• Power consumption: The machine you purchase need to be energy efficient as none of us want to pay huge power bills.

• Ability to give competitive advantage to operator: Identify products and machines that are not very common. Do thorough market research for finding products and machines that are unique. This will help you sell and locate your products without much difficulty since no similar products or machines are available.

• Source from which you are purchasing the machine: Now that you have finalized on the product, location and kind of machine you need, your next step would be to purchase a machine that best fits your business requirements. Always prefer machines of reputed and established companies. Avoid purchasing used or refurbished machines. The price of these may be tempting but remember that you end up spending more than what you have invested. You will spend many time more that what you have saved by purchasing a used machine.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Healthy Vending-Huge Success among Schools

Since inception of vending, schools have always been preferred location for installing these machines. However, in the last few years obesity has been on the rise. Obesity has been recorded not only among adults but even among children of all age groups. This has raised alarms in vending industry.

All this has lead to black mark on vending industry. Vending has been blamed because they are generally linked to junk food machines. In order to accommodate changing trends towards healthier vending and provide best services, only healthy snacks and food items are being offered for sales in schools. It is very difficult to place both healthy and less healthy items next to each other and encourage students to purchase healthy food.

If you are novice to this industry and looking to start your own vending business, try healthy vending. Healthy vending is gaining popularity these days as schools are encouraging healthy vending machines in their premises. These machines offer low calorie cookies, candy bars and baked black bean chips instead of the regular junk food.

If you are a vending operator, you can try Cold food vending machines. This machine also feature a wide variety of food items like healthy cereal, corn flakes, salads and combo meals. In fact few schools are introducing soymilk and juice vending machines from reputed manufacturers like Planet Antares. Vending machines are even offering vitamins, minerals, trace elements and several other pills in vending packs.

Most of these items are low in carb/carb friendly, low fat/fat free, sugar free/no sugar added. Hence they do not have any adverse effects on our health. With more and more customer switching to healthy foods, vending machine operators are boldly offering increased varieties of healthy items in their vending machines.

Thus healthy vending has gained huge acceptance among health conscious customers.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Controversy While Purchasing Vending Machine

Vending business allows you to stand on your own legs by giving you self confidence and great amount of financial independence. A person interested in starting vending business of his own has the flexibility of either taking it up on a full time basis or a part time basis. To begin with, you can start with one or two machines working out of your home or by placing a machine in your locality. Once your customer base increases and you understand the trick of this business, you can start re-investing in more machines and grow your company as large as you like.

Once you have a clear cut idea on the kind of business you are going to take up, the next and most important step is to purchase the most appropriate machine that suits your business requirements. There are different vending machines available in the market. So, purchasing a right vending machine is often confusing hence you should carefully evaluate them before you finalize on one machine.

Some of the commonly found vending machine models are:

Mechanical vending machine: These machines do not run on electricity. These machines do not have any automated features. But still they have several benefits associated with them- easy to locate, refilling and repairing is also quite simple, small and portable size makes transportation pretty easy and most importantly there are no electricity bills.

Electrical vending machines: This machine gives you relief from all the problems that arise from mechanical vending machines. They also allow you to earn more.

Combination vending machine: As the name itself states, combination vending machine can dispense more than one product at a time. These are very attractive, easy to operate, have larger storage capacity and can generate high income. They also accept multiple modes of payment.

Small vending machines: These are best option for novice in vending business. These do not occupy much floor space and can be placed anywhere easily.

Large vending machines: These have higher potential to earn and are preferred by most vending operators. These machines are more secure because of their large size.

It is at the discretion of vending operator to choose the machine that suits his requirements. Planet Antares machines are said to be the best because of their quality and the trust they have developed over the years.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Location Of Vending Machine

The place or location in which in install your Planet Antares vending machine is very crucial for success of your business. Operator has to look for the right kind of location with good customer traffic. Though this may look to be very simple, in reality choosing the perfect location is a tough challenge faced by vending operator.

Choice of vending location is influenced by several factors like products you vend, target customers and similar factors. There are two main aspects which every vending operator needs to consider before installing his/her machine. These two factors determine the success or failure of your business. Accessibility and visibility are the two factors we have been talking about.

Vending machines are generally located in schools, offices, shopping malls, street corners, parks, recreation clubs, gym, music store, bus station, railway station and other similar places where customers would spend some time in order to complete a task. The main motive behind placing these machines in such localities is visibility.

Vending business works completely on instinct buying. The moment a customer glances this machine, he is either lured by its attractive looks or product offered by it and is thus forced to purchase one. Hence choosing the right location is very vital for the success of your business.

Another option for locating Planet Antares vending machine which operators need to consider is either to locate them indoors or outdoors. Each of these options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance: if you place your machine outdoor, customer will be able to access it 24 hours without any restrictions. But is it safe to place your machine outdoor? On the contrary, placing the machine indoor is definitely safe but, there are restrictions on timings.

Hence before finalizing on the ideal location, operator has to compare both merits and demerits of each option and finally choose the best and most feasible option for him.

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